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usenet central tutorial

Usenet Start Up Guide

If you don't already have an account click here to sign up. If you are new to Usenet service please take a few moments to browse through these tutorials we have created to help familiarize you on how to access Usenet Central.

If this is your first time using a Usenet service and you still have questions after browsing through these tutorials, or you have questions that this tutorial hasn't fully answered you can contact Usenet Central support and our support team will assist you.

GrabIt Usenet Central Newsreader

grabit iconThe Usenet Central Edition of GrabIt newsreader has many great features that help simplify Usenet. GrabIt works great for reading and posting into text newsgroups. You can easily import NZB files. There is an automatic file repairing and extracting build in. The Usenet Central Edition also features an unlimited search feature which makes finding what your looking for on Usenet easy.

Operating Systems: Windows
Download GrabIt from the Members Area | GrabIt Start Up Guide

Downloading With NZB Files

nzb iconNZB files help to simplify downloading when accessing Usenet Centrals news servers. NZB files are an index of the location of files on Usenet. An NZB file contains a list of pointers to the parts of a file that you can download from Usenet. There are many different NZB search engines located on the Internet, but for this tutorial we are going to use the NZB search engine

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X | NZB Tutorial with GrabIt

SABnzbd Newsreader

sabnzbd iconSABnzbd makes Usenet as simple and streamlined as possible by automating everything for you. All you have to do is add an NZB file. SABnzbd takes over from there, where it will be automatically downloaded, verified, repaired, extracted and filed away with zero human interaction.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Download SABnzbd | SABnzbd Tutorial

Newsleecher Newsreader

newsleecher iconNewsleecher is a popular Usenet newsreader that is capable of viewing text newsgroups, and downloading using NZB files. Newsleecher offers a 14 day free trial and after that costs $19.99. The full version includes updates for one year. Using the integrated "Repair'n'Extract" feature, NewsLeecher can automatically verify and repair broken file sets, and automatically unpack RAR archive sets to a location you choose.

Operating Systems: Windows
Download Newsleecher Trial | Newsleecher Tutorial

Binreader Newsreader

binreader iconBinreader is a freeware Usenet newsreader which is only capable of downloading with NZB files. Binreader is compatible with all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux. There is automated file verification, repair, and extraction built into Binreader.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Download GrabIt from the Members Area | GrabIt Start Up Guide

Mozilla Thunderbird Newsreader

thunderbird iconMozilla offers Thunderbird for e-mail and text Usenet groups. Thunderbird is well designed and easy to use. The newsgroups reader functionality allows you to easily read and post to multiple discussion newsgroups. Thunderbird doesn't support binary Usenet archives.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Download Mozilla Thunderbird | Thunderbird Tutorial