Price Drop & New Management!

Price Drop & New Management!

Usenet Central (UNC) is excited to announce that we are lowering prices for all of our plans by 10% and that UNC is under new management. You might have noticed over the last several months that UNC hasn’t received many updates or was falling behind in the retention war among top level Usenet services.

Today (November 24th, 2015) we are excited to let everyone know that UNC in under new management and the new team will be dedicated to providing our current and new members with the highest of quality Usenet service.

Over the last several months UNC has performed massive server and storage upgrades to our computer equipment and network infrastructure. If you are a current member you will notice that retention has nearly doubled in the last several month and speeds and completion have greatly improved. We’ve deployed a new server cluster in our United States location which is capable of providing high speed newsgroup access to everyone globally.

Contrary to what many might think Usenet is growing year by year. UNC is excited to announce our new price reduction and management switch. With these recent changes and improvements we believe we are well geared to be able to provide the highest of quality Usenet service for many years to come. We are excited and we hope you are too!

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