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I'm receiving an authentication error. Why?
If you have reached your bandwidth limit for the current billing period you will be denied access until your bandwidth limit resets at midnight at your next billing cycle. To check your current ban...
How do I upgrade my Usenet Central account?
Due to the strict measures we take to protect your privacy and security we are unable to alter your billing information. Currently the easiest method to upgrade your Usenet plan is by canceling your c...
What are the server addresses for my newsreader?
You can access Usenet Centrals servers using the following server addresses:,, and for our European server.
How do I check my download balance?
You can check your remaining download balance by logging into the members area.
What is SSL encrypted Usenet access?
SSL encryption is a method for protecting your information as you use your Usenet account. Usenet Central offers 256-bit SSL connections to all of your members free of charge. Not only does SSL help t...
Are headers counted towards my downloads?
No, headers are not counted towards your downloads on any of our plans. Please note that all our accounts are designed for personal use only.