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When does each billing cycle end, and when is payment due?
All Usenet Central membership levels are billed every 30 days after sign up. You are billed the initial amount when you first sign up then every 30 days after until your account is closed.
How do I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds for unused portions of your account. Once you have signed up you are paid for and committed for that length of time.
Why was my payment denied?
Our billing agent USAePay has implemented strict fraud regulations. Most of the time credit cards are denied due to AVS (address verification system) errors or incorrect CVV2 numbers (3 digit code on ...
What payments does Usenet Central accept?
Currently, Usenet Central accepts the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We securely process your credit card information using our credit card processo...